Continental Blower

CONTINENTAL BLOWERContinental Blower located in Syracuse, New York is in partnership with Continental Industrie, who is the largest manufacturer of multistage blowers in Europe. Continental Blower has many advantages including rugged cast iron and aluminum housings designed for continuous, dependable operation year after year, plus uniform and quiet (with no silencing needed) delivery of pulse free, oil free air.

In the last four years, Continental Blower has shipped well over 300 blowers in North America without a single mechanical failure, proving our quality is second to none. As well, all our engineers have a thorough understanding of blower applications so you will always receive an economical selection guaranteed to provide the process results required. Experienced factory trained technicians are also available for start-up, on-site training, and field service work.

The Continental Multistage Blower has been produced at the same facility for over 25 years, using skilled and experienced craftsmen, and is marketed and supported worldwide. We, along with the employees of Continental Blower who have all previously worked for our major competitors, can offer expert technical assistance for all your blower needs. We handle a wide range of volumes, up to 45,000 SCFM with pressures up to 28 psig and vacuums to 19” Hg.

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