Gratec Limited

Gratec LimitedGratec limited. is the Authorized LIGHTNIN Service Centre for Eastern Canada, and is also the Authorized Representative for Flowserve Municipal Pumps as well as Bran + Luebbe Metering Pumps. Gratec offers a complete range of maintenance and repair services including, but not limited to, the following:

  • In stock parts-OEM for all LIGHTNIN & NETTCO equipment, ready for same-day shipment.
  • Replacement and upgrade drive systems for LIGHTNIN, NETTCO, and Competitors’ Mixers.
  • Shaft and impeller systems for side and top entry units.
  • Guaranteed Repair Services, both in house and on-site, as well as installation, vibration analysis, and equipment start up services for the following authorized products:
    • LIGHTNIN Agitators
    • Flowserve Municipal Pumps
    • Bran + Luebbe Metering Pumps
    • BIF Metering Pumps

The Gratec Service Centre is dedicated to providing top quality products and services to maintenance departments throughout industrial and municipal communities at a fair price, and has factory trained Technicians and Millwrights on staff.

At T.D. Rooke, we completely understand that when your mixer is not operational, it can result in significant delays and affect your bottom line. This is why we are proud to offer a professional mixer service repair in Quebec.

Our goals are to assist you in saving time and money on your mixer repair while also providing you with the opportunity to reduce mechanical seal costs. We are also happy to work with you to increase your mixer uptime for greater levels of productivity. When you are in need of a mixer service repair in Newfoundland, you can rely on T.D. Rooke.

One of the most frequent comments that we hear from customers is that they find it difficult to locate a mixer service repair facility that is experienced with handling their types of mixers. While there may be many excellent shops that are able to repair motors and gearboxes, there are actually few shops that are experienced in handling industrial mixer repairs. Our primary goal is to assist you in saving money and time through the provision of experienced mixer repair and retrofit services. We have been able to provide many of our customers with significant savings through our repair services. In many instances, it may be possible to actually reuse many of the mixer parts and repair the unit so that it is in like new operating condition, without the need for expensive repairs.

We offer all types of mixer mechanical seal repair services and troubleshooting. Even if you are not quite certain as to why your industrial mixer may be malfunctioning, our experienced staff can analyse it, troubleshoot the problem, and find a solution. In our experience, we have found that some of the most common causes for mixer failure include:

Shaft runout, involving an excessive wobble of the shaft or even a slightly bent or bowed shaft in the mixer Improper mechanical seal or an incorrect seal face Gears that need to be replaced Oil leaks resulting from a faulty oil seal Bearing that squeal as a result of needing to be replaced An unbalanced mixer shaft

When your mixer is not operating at peak efficiency or has stopped working altogether, it is important that you save any malfunctioning components. In many instances, this will help us to identify the main cause of the problem. For instance, with a failed mechanical seal, we may be able to salvage some of the parts and reuse them to repair your unit. We will be able to evaluate your mixer and determine whether we will be able to repair it. In some instances, we may also be able to suggest an alternative solution.

When you choose T.D. Rooke, you can rest assured that we will always provide you with the most courteous service possible. Our staff will be happy to discuss any technical or repair questions that you may have. Remember, our primary goal is to help you save money and increase the uptime for your mixer equipment.

Just a few of the services that we may able to assist you with include:

  • Mixer repair and retrofit
  • Pump mechanical seal repair
  • Mixer gearbox repair service
  • Mixer shaft balancing
  • Mixer shaft replacement
  • Mixer seal troubleshooting

How We Approach Mixer Service Repair in Ontario We are able to provide mixer service repair for most types of industrial mixers. We begin by determining the scope of the repair that is required in order to determine the best solution for optimizing your service repair. We will also determine why your mixer equipment malfunctioned and the available options for repair. We will also make suggestions regarding solutions that may be possible for increasing the service life of your mixer equipment. In addition, we will be happy to thoroughly clean, measure, evaluate, and inspect the parts that may be re-used for the repair job.

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