Mott Corporation

MOTT INDUSTRIALMott Corporation is the world’s premier manufacturer of diverse porous metal products, primarily for custom filtration and separation applications. The company’s mission is to provide unique solutions using porous materials specifically designed for environments where extreme operating conditions, demanding efficiencies, or exacting flow specifications must be met.

Lambert H. Mott founded Mott Corporation as a Connecticut corporation on July 9, 1959. It consists of two divisions: the Industrial Division which produces large chemical filtration systems and specialty porous devices, and the High Purity Division which produces filters for semiconductor quality gases. Mott’s production facilities are located in Farmington, Connecticut.

Mott Corporation hypulseThe Company specializes in the stainless steels and higher corrosion resistant alloys and avoids the lower melting point materials such as bronze and brass. The principal market for the Company’s products and technology is filtration, but its products have diverse applications in fields such as flow metering, web transport, gas to liquid contacting, venting, wicking, silencing, and fluidizing, to name a few.

Mott products can be found in such industries as chemical/petrochemical processing, textile mill products, transportation equipment, semiconductor manufacturing, medical/surgical equipment, pharmaceutical manufacturing, food & beverage products, printing & publishing, chromatography equipment & supplies, petroleum refining, and coal mining.

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