The Evolution of the Powder Induction Mixer in Canada

The powder induction mixer in Canada has evolved significantly over the years. In the past, the process industry was frequently subjected to long production times and high processing costs. This was typically due to an inability to effectively mix liquid batches with solids. Eventually, powder induction equipment was combined with a pump and mixer system that sped up the process, but there were still problems. The most common problem was the tendency for clogging. At the same time, maintenance costs were prohibitively high and it was necessary for operators to hold down feed rates in order to prevent clogging.

Today, the powder induction mixer in Canada has been able to overcome many of these challenges by making it possible to combine liquids and powders at the same time. Now, the eductor and pump have been eliminated completely. Powders can now be injected directly into special mixers, which allow the powder to be dispersed instantly into the liquid stream. As a result, the powder induction mixer in Canada has made it possible to reduce mixing cycles by as much as 50%. If you are interested in lowering maintenance costs and boosting production times, the power induction mixer could be a great choice.