ADMIXAdmix is an employee owned company that specializes in mixing and dispersing products that normally cannot be processed with conventional propeller-type mixers. We have many years of field experience and ingredient blending expertise to assist you with your formulations.

We specialize in the manufacture of sanitary high-speed dispersers, high shear emulsifiers, inline emulsifiers and wet mills, sanitary static mixers and blenders, stainless steel batch mixers, and vacuum conveying & powder delivery mix stations.  Our dispersing systems suit your entire high-speed mixing, solids introduction, and particle size reduction needs whether you require in-tank batch dispersion, in-line mixing & milling, or powder induction.

Admix dispersers and emulsifiers comply with the newest and toughest hygienic and safety standards including 3-A, USDA-Dairy, USDA-AMS and AG-Canada standards and are available in corrosion-free stainless steel configurations, including the motor and drive frame, from 1/2 HP lab models through 100 HP production sizes.

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