SPX Flow – Bran+Luebbe

Bran+Luebbe - An SPX CompanyBran+Luebbe was founded in Hamburg (Germany) in 1932 and is now composed of 12 companies throughout the US and overseas. Metering pumps and systems are engineered and built at our modern facility in Buffalo Grove, IL, near Chicago.

Bran+Luebbe offers an unrivaled range of metering pumps for practically every situation in which liquids have to be measured and mixed together. We have vast experience in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, and pulp & paper industries, to name a few.

Applications range from a manually regulated single stream to complete microprocessor controlled production installations. Our range of product offerings includes diaphragm and plunger pumps, drives with one or multiple pumpheads, horizontal or vertical configurations, controls and accessories for process automation.

Our service department can offer a wide selection of support in the areas of spare parts, service maintenance and start-up support, maintenance contracts, repairs, training, and technical advice.

Bran & Luebbe metering pumps have developed a strong reputation for their versatility, reliability and durability. When you choose a Bran & Luebbe metering pump in Canada, you can rest assured that have selected the best product possible. Bran & Luebbe produces a wide array of different types of metering pumps, allowing you to select the best metering pump solution for your needs.

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