About T.D. Rooke

The mission and focus of T.D. Rooke Associates is to be the leading sales representative company in Canada. LIGHTNIN, Gratec, Greey, Bran and Luebbe, Process Equipment, Ontario Representative, U.S. Filter, Perrin, Mixers, Metering Pumps, and Flowserve.

Products / Services:

Pumps, mixers, blowers, FRP tanks, scrubbers, grating, submersible solids handling wet and dry pit pumps, polymer feed, pump system controls, pump and mixer repairs to all makes.

Principals or Trade Names Represented:

Flowserve (Worthington, IDP, Ingersoll-Rand, Dresser, Durco, Byron Jackson, Pleuger, United), LIGHTNIN, Precisioneering, Continental, Stanco, Hydro Thermal, Graham Tomal.